Storm (Storm Episode 4)

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Storm (Storm Episode 4) PDF ebook download The best book in the series so far!
I couldn't live this life. I couldn't be in constant scrutiny, living under a microscope all the time. I really, really liked Tim. I might have even been falling in love with him. But this was about something far more primal than love.This was about survival.
Tessa and Tim are steadily increasing the beautiful romance and easy connection which compliments their amazing sexual chemistry.

Tessa was elated to learn that Tim wants to continue their relationship after filming concludes. The idea of a long-distance relationship is daunting, but the fact that an expiration date is no longer ticking down on her time with Timothy is comforting.

That new relationship bliss was short lived, however - the photographer who ambushed them the day after their kinky Valentines Day date is out for blood. He's sold a salacious story of sexual abuse, and the vultures have descended on Tessa's little town.

The situation is tense.
Tessa's not in this for the fame, and isn't dealing with the attention well...
Tim has his own fears about losing someone he cares about to relentless tabloids...

Man oh man, I had some FEELs with this one.
Tessa and Tim expose all of their raw insecurities to each other in a beautiful conversation that had me hoping that they could come out of this media clusterfuck unscathed.

On the lighter side of things:

Wasn't expecting that particular kink from Timothy Banks, but I know I'd be more than happy to play the role of kitten if a man like that asked...

Gah! I have such a crush on Tim right now!

I'll be reviewing all five books in the Storm series back-to-back, so be sure to check out my review of the Storm Box set to see my overall impressions of the characters and story!

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