Murder for Christ's Mass (Templar Knight Mystery #4)

PDF-file by Maureen Ash

Murder for Christ's Mass (Templar Knight Mystery #4) PDF ebook download This fourth contribution in the Templar Knight series features the deductive skills of the one-eyed Bascot de Marins, returned to England after several years in captivity at the hands of the Saracens, now attended by his sidekick the mute but observant Italian boy Gianni.Set in Lincoln in the early years of the 13th century, this one occurs during the Christmas/New Years/Epiphsny holidays, with a betrothal ceremony planned for the sheriff's son to boot—this means we not only get the mystery to solve but also some fascinating social and cultural history of how such seasonal celebrations would have been held in that time and place.Added bonus—it's a particularly interesting murder mystery this time, involving the Mint and those working there, so we also get to learn about how royal coinage was created then, what political and economic rules governed the physical creation and distribution of such money, and what the legal ramifications would be if someone discovered a treasure trove hidden about fourscore years earlier but didn't immediately turn it over to the king or his agents.

eBook Murder for Christ's Mass (Templar Knight Mystery #4)

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