Losing Big

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Losing Big PDF ebook download First of all: My wife and I have been casual acquaintances with Danny and Darci for several years. We knew Danny before The Biggest Loser... in fact, we were present one day when he announced to the worship choir and band "I'm going to get on The Biggest Loser and win it!" Their church is our church; our kids know their kids. We know many of the people they mention the book. That said, my wife and I are not ourselves in the book (rightfully so, because we did not play a significant part in the events they talk about), and although they know I was reading the book, they did not ask me to review it at all, much less to review it positively. So although the authors are personal friends, I wouldn't say the book was good if it wasn't actually good.

And the book is terrific! I read about things from Danny's and Darci's past that I had no idea of (the other day I told Darci "I'm reading your book!" and she said back, "Great! ...I think!") and get a wider perspective from things I did know about. Told in the third person, it starts with their earliest childhoods and describes what happened to each as they grew up, met, married, and lived all of life's ups and downs until now. And some of their downs were way down... addictions, marriage problems, financial troubles, you name it. But their ups are also WAY up... restoration of their marriage from the brink of ruin (twice!) and of course, the MAJOR high of Danny's win on The Biggest Loser. Even though I've heard Danny tell a few of the anecdotes before when I've heard him speak in public, I found myself with tears in eyes a few times at some of the sad things, and some of the beautiful wonderful things, that have happened to them. This is not strictly a motivational book (for that, you'll want Danny's earlier book, Lose Your Quit ); this is a double autobiography. Even so, you will find it motivational as you seek to change your life for the better.

The book jacket quotes author Stormie Omartian as saying that the book is "gut-wrenching" and "inspiring" - "I couldn't put it down." I seriously think you'll see it that way too. I read a lot of books, some of which are superb and some of which are so-so. This story ranks up there with the very, very good ones. And the best part is that this one is real! The things in this book aren't sugar-coated to make them seem not so bad. Without straying into "seamy" territory, they've been very honest about their mistakes, but the reason they've opened up their sometimes embarrassing pasts in this book is so it is clear what a great difference God has made in their lives. You may be amused at them, you may be shocked, you may be sympathetic, but in the end, you will see that God took things that Danny and Darci frankly did their very best to ruin (their health, their careers, their marriage) and led them to a place where all of those things are transformed into something that they couldn't have done on their own. That's a story we all need to hear!

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