Magical Beasts

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Magical Beasts PDF ebook download A series from Time Life Books on myth, superstitions, and legend, brought to life with beautiful illustrations, and written in a fluid like prose that brings to mind a storyteller sitting by a crackling fire sharing his tales.

I remember reading some of the books in this series when I was younger.I had purchased some through a mail order subscription, but didn't complete the collection, although you can still find them on Amazon, Ebay, and the like.YouTube even has a video of the original TV commercial for when the series was first launched.Time Life could have gone the route of writing this in a dry, historical format, but luckily went with a style that plays well with the topics of the series.

From unicorns to manticores, if you are a fan of mythology as I am, this book serves as a great reference and fun read!

eBook Magical Beasts

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