Fear is My Friend

PDF-file by Robert A. Wilson

Fear is My Friend PDF ebook download Robert A. Wilson speaks volumes in Fear Is My Friend, and he makes us fully realize the fact that the second we accept that one thing in life and learn from it, we heal. We are suddenly able to open our mouths, deal with the fear, and rise above it, We are able to express ourselves as individuals and not deal with what the so-called “brilliant others” have to say. In other words, our own individual warrior who’s buried deep inside of us is finally able to rise up and take over. He/she is able to lead us thought the world with courage, strength and backbone that’s made of iron.

When we do this our life becomes lucrative – from the relationship mode to the financial mode – if we take over our own lives and our own destines instead of being ruled over by the ones who say they know how to “fix” things. It is then that we become the masters and mistresses of our own destinies.

No, this not a fairy-tale; this is absolute truth. We have all come up against liars, hateful humans, and people who simply want to roll through life by rolling over others. But Robert A. Wilson’s words change all that. In fact, what he does best is “allow” us to go back to being the people we were. He allows us to let go of the negative and horrific thoughts, and begin again.I let go of history!

eBook Fear is My Friend

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