Black Love, Black Magic

PDF-file by Lisa Greer

Black Love, Black Magic PDF ebook download When black magic and obsession collide, a curse is awakened...

Druid Montmoor, the heir of Montmoor Hall, will do anything to possess the woman he loves—Gildy Rosen. But sometimes only a bit of black magic will do. A mysterious, old book he finds at Montmoor Hall holds the key to spells, and perhaps to love.

When the consequences of Druid's dabbling in the dark arts play out, he risks losing everything he loves. Can there be redemption for the heir of Montmoor Hall, or will the curse that has plagued his family ruin Druid Montmoor's life and the lives of all who come near him? Perhaps only the gypsy Proserpine Craving, a mysterious woman who walks the shoreline near the Hall, can tell him—and save him.

eBook Black Love, Black Magic

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