The Black Ships (The Black Ships #1)

PDF-file by A.G. Claymore

The Black Ships (The Black Ships #1) PDF ebook download Our planet was just one small island in the midst of a vast, empty sea. For millennia, its inhabitants thought they were alone – until they took their first tentative steps out of the cradle. As the nations of Earth struggle to establish a fragile colony on the surface of Mars, they suddenly lose all contact with their settlers.

In the days that follow, it becomes abundantly clear that humans are not the only ones intent on exploiting the resources of the solar archipelago. In a desperate bid for freedom, Humanity must undergo social and economic changes on a scale previously unheard of.

In the midst of growing turmoil, the struggle to build an effective defense leads the species to a turning point. The smallest of chances may determine the difference between freedom or eternal subjugation.

(Approx 99,000 words)

eBook The Black Ships (The Black Ships #1)

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