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Spin PDF ebook download In SPIN, a super sexy contemporary romance, Jane MacInnee gets a second chance at love with the bad boy she's never been able to forget.

SPIN is the first in an explosively sexy series, and is about 200 pages, with high levels of sensual heat, including many fully, and some creatively, consummated love scenes.

Jane MacInnee doesn't get spun up much. Only three times in her life, and two of those involved Finn Dante, the youngest of the dangerous Dante boys who roamed the small backwoods town where her family reigned supreme at the top of their swampy social pile.

But eleven years ago she broke free and started her event planner business. Now she's aimed at the stratosphere with her newest, richest client. Nothing's going to stop her from succeeding.

All she has to do is what she's best at: fake it till she makes it. Relentless determination, white-knuckled control and a perky smile. No one wants anything else from her.

Except Finn.

When their paths cross again, eleven years after their river-side, body-firing kiss, Jane is about to lose the white-knuckled control that's got her so far from the backwoods she's spent her life running from.

Finn knows he doesn't need to chase her down. He just needs to show her what she's made of. Unwind her, slow and hot. And never let up, not even when she begs him.

Because he's been waiting for Janey Mac to come undone his whole life.

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I'm a New York published romance author branching out into self-publishing under the pseudonym Bella Love. I stole the name from great-grandmothers on both sides of the family, so as to not play favorites on who gets the dirty mind attributed to their genetic line.

I write über-sexy, fun, contemporary romances about confident, alpha heroes who aren't afraid of equally strong heroines. At the core of every story is scorching sensual heat between two people who respect and care about each other a lot. Some will call it erotic, others won't. I hope you all enjoy!


I'm also a proud member of Rock*It Reads, a collection of traditionally-published romance authors now bringing the same high standards of quality to our self-published romances. We've got New York Times and USA Today bestsellers and some of the hottest romances out there. http://rockitreads.com/

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