The Extra Guest (Travelled #1)

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The Extra Guest (Travelled #1) PDF ebook download Ten mini travel adventures, three installments and one more title that ends in 'ed'—it's the new book from Catherine Ryan Howard...

Travelled: Tales About Not Staying At Home is the new collection of travel essays from Catherine Ryan Howard, bestselling author of Mousetrapped: A Year And A Bit in Orlando, Florida and Backpacked: A Reluctant Trip Across Central America.

It will be released in three instalments in 2013. This, Episode 1: The Extra Guest, is the first.

It contains the following stories:

The night before a speaking engagement is good for only one thing: sleeping as much as you possibly can. But on this evening, Catherine manages less than sixty minutes. The rest of the night she lies awake, terrified to close her eyes or indeed, take them off her hotel room's door. She doesn't believe in ghosts, but she knows she's not the only guest in there...

Catherine is always on the latest fad diet and only runs if it's away. But a chance encounter with a sign advertising a charity walk through Cork City beneath the stars has her thinking that maybe 20k worth of sudden exercise is a good idea. Spoiler alert: it's not.

The six weeks Catherine spent working as a campsite courier on a holiday resort on the south-west coast of France was by far the worst job she ever had. Cleaning sticky tents in thirty-degree heat, living in the most awful, dirty, disgusting conditions (i.e. another tent) and, after a biblical thunderstorm, wading through a foot of smelly, stagnant post-flood water to retrieve and clean company property, while wearing flip-flops and in the company of dead snails. But the experience taught her a valuable lesson... (Well, two lessons. The other one was never do anything like this ever again.)

BONUS: Us Versus the Volcano
Us Versus The Volcano, Catherine's award-winning story that formed the basis for her book Backpacked, is included as a bonus story.

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