One Minute's Silence

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One Minute's Silence PDF ebook download A moving and powerful story about the meaning of Remembrance Day, drawing on the Australian and Turkish battle at Gallipoli

On the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, David Metzenthen asks, "What is the true meaning of remembering?" This is a powerful and moving picture book for older readers about the "one minute's silence" observed in Australia on Remembrance Day, and what Gallipoli means to Australians in this context. By showing both sides of the conflict—Aussie and Turk—he encourages readers to think about all those who have fallen, and by using this iconic battle—one of the few to have brought two nations closer together—he suggests another perspective on Gallipoli. Michael Camilleri's extraordinary illustrations enhance the reader's experience.

eBook One Minute's Silence

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