H.M.S. Rodney at War

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H.M.S. Rodney at War PDF ebook download First caught sight of this book through the Channel 5 series War Hero in my Family, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2194882/, and can be viewed (until June 2013) here http://www.channel5.com/shows/war-her....

Angela Rippon's dad was on HMS Rodney, and so was my Grandad.So when Ms Rippon goes to Malta to uncover the role Rodney took in the relief convoys she met up with a local historian, who gave her a copy of this book.Instantly my fingers ran to the laptop, and after a few weeks and some false starts, the book arrives from Canada.Bit water damaged, but first edition, published 1946.Brilliant.A window on a lost world.

eBook H.M.S. Rodney at War

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