Sixteen Years In Sixteen Seconds

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Sixteen Years In Sixteen Seconds PDF ebook download Sixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds, is the story of Korean American Sammy Lee.When Sammy was twelve years old he watched divers at his local swimming pool and immediately wanted to become a diver himself.Because he was a person of color he was only allowed to use the pool one day per week, but he worked tirelessly and became accomplished at his sport.
Sammy’s father wanted him to become a doctor.He became torn between his quest to become a champion diver and his father’s wish for him to go to medical school.Through his fathers guidance and belief that you can do “anything that you set your heart to,” Sammy was able to reach both of his goals.
During his years in school Sammy received all As, was elected student body president, and attended daily diving practice.He was not, however, allowed to attend his prom because of his race.Even though the racism was troubling for Sammy it did not stop him from pursuing both dreams.He went to college on a scholarship, and became the first Asian American to win a gold medal at the olympics.
I think this book would be great for kids to read.Sammy’s story examines the racism against all people of color in America during the 1930’s and 1940’s, and how determination and hard work enabled him to reach his dreams.At the end of the story the Author’s note gives an update about Dr. Sammy Lee and how he lives in California.Even though the story takes place long ago he is a living example of a person that followed his heart, persevered, and reached his highest aspirations.

eBook Sixteen Years In Sixteen Seconds

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