The Redemption Series Combined Edition

PDF-file by R.K. Ryals

The Redemption Series Combined Edition PDF ebook download This edition includes all three books from the bestselling Redemption Series: Redemption, Ransom, and Retribution.

"You don't choose a path in life because it's better for you. You choose it because you want something from it."

Rebellious Dayton Blainey has always wanted something more out of life. Becoming a nun isn't part of the plan. When she is thrust into a dark world by her delusional aunt, the Abbess of Blackstone Abbey, Dayton finds herself part of a bizarre scheme that could destroy not only herself, but the world.

Bound now to a dangerous stranger, what Dayton really wants is her life back. But an insane Demon has other plans. Haunted by a forbidden attraction to a man she should not want, Dayton embarks on a wild journey that will redefine the epic battle between good and evil.

eBook The Redemption Series Combined Edition

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