A Girl Named Grace

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A Girl Named Grace PDF ebook download I won this book through GoodReads first read program.

What an uplifting book which demonstrates God's deep love for each one of us.Life is very very hard at times.In this book Grace is going through a rough patch.After a morning arguement with Jonny, her husband, she gets a call that he has been involved in a bad car accident.Doctors are unable to save him.She later learns that Jonny had been having an affair prior to his death.Grace's world is turned upside down.

Grace is blessed to have a "seer" relationship with Jesus.A seer is someone who sees Jesus from time to time and can have conversations directly with him like any other person.I have always envied the people who have this relationship with Jesus.The book then covers Grace renewing her relationship with Jesus and Jesus walking her through the rebuilding of her life.

There are some twists and turns which I enjoy. Some I saw coming and a few I didn't.In fact there is one twist I thought was coming because there were hints of it in the story that never played out in the book.Hmmmm

I have always struggled with healing through prayer.Don't know why that is such a hard thing for me to accept.I theoretically know that all things are possible through Christ yet I have struggled with that having never really seen it myself.There is an episode of that in the story too.

Great way to share your faith Janna.I enjoyed the book.

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