Birth of a Warrior (Spartan Warrior, #2)

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Birth of a Warrior (Spartan Warrior, #2) PDF ebook download Birth of a Warrior
Michael Ford
261 pages

In Birth of a Warrior a teen spartan named Lysander is brought out side to whip his friend Timeon.Timeon is a slave.Lysander used to be a slave but he ended up being a son of a spartan.After that Lysander has to take the Ordeal.The Ordeal is a great test where boys have to live on a mountain for a week.After Lysander does the Ordeal he makes a friend that used to be his enemy.When Lysander is coming back from the Ordeal he spots a Persian battalion.The main persian fleet is attacking but the spartans are completely vulnerable because they don't know a persian battalion is coming from the south.When Lysander tells his grandfather about the battalion, he sends the boys to fend them off.Lysander's grandfather is a spartan ephor and ends up killing himself to save Lysander.Sparta wins the war and everything goes back to normal.

Birth of a Warrior was a very good book and I would recommend it to anyone.It kept me guessing and was really intense.One time when it kept me guessing was if Lysander would survive the Ordeal.A time when it was intense was when they were in the middle of the battle.I rated it a five because it was really action packed.Birth of a Warrior is a really good book.

eBook Birth of a Warrior (Spartan Warrior, #2)

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