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Promethean Flame PDF ebook download You could say it all started with Lucifer or perhaps with Prometheus and I am quite sure that Loki had a hand in everything. These three of course were the prehistorical rebel gods. They never wentalong with the dictates of society and they always broke the mold. For this they were demonized. Lucifer was cast from Heaven and demoted to Hell. Prometheus felt sorry for mankind and gave them fire. He also offered a sacrifice to the gods that consisted of bone, fat and blood. For this he was punished. Loki was a bringer of Chaos and for that he was punished. Of course some people see Lucifer as the ruler of the world and the one who brought light to mankind.

Going from these rebels, author Corvis Nocturnum, treats us to a light biography of several free thinkers who dared to defy tradition. Starting off with Hassan Ibn Sabah who was the leader of the assassins. He formulated a system of thought that spoke of nothing being true and everything being permitted. Man made doctrine was false and meant to control man. The assassins would later link up with the Templars and teach them their arcane knowledge. This would make it's way to the Mason and the Illuminati. Let us not forget that the forefathers of the US were freemason who believed in creating a free society where the individual was allowed to pursue his own growth.

Other figure would include Nietzsche, Von List , Anton La Vey as well as a slew of Greek philosophers andother free thinkers. Many who have grown up in the Western Lands decry Christianity's hold on our psyche and how it has hobbled us and weakened us. It has blocked us from pursuing our own potential and has forced us into directing our energies into group or church related efforts.

Time has come to break free from that mental bondage and throw off the mental shackles. But doing so may not be easy. There are still dangers. The book was entertaining and easy to read. I could have used a work that went a bit more in depth. Cool as a starting point but someone who has read this previously will find nothingnew. There were also several editing mistakes which detracts from the professionalism of the book.

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