Beneath the Bayou

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Beneath the Bayou PDF ebook download Across the Mississippi River into the swamps and bayous of New Orleans lies one of the greatest mysteries of a Creole “Joie de Vivre”. In this folklore, the Marant family holds a deep dark secret, and for many generations their secret had been kept until now.

Lovely and Fancy are identical twins, born to Dr. Virgil C. Marant and his wife Rachel. The girls are beautiful and intelligent, but completely different. Lovely grows up to be an intellectual scholar and Fancy has always loved the finer things in life. They only have one thing in common – they are in love with the same man, Mathew Trudeau.

Mathew Trudeau is their father’s accountant. He was born to a man, who was murdered before he was born and to a woman, who committed suicide by the time he was a year old, leaving him to be raised by his grandparents. Haunted by the spirit of his mother, Mathew learns to ignore her chanting in his nightmares in order to live normally.

The sisters’ love for Mathew turns ugly up until Lovely goes missing. Mathew receives word from his deceased mother through a dream that Lovely is dead. The voodoo that his mother uses mysteriously brings Lovely’s body back from the dead. Only, she doesn’t return as the same sweet woman she used to be. As a zombie, she has a task that she must complete. Only Mathew can save the family and undo the evil that has been done.

eBook Beneath the Bayou

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