Scattered Shadows

PDF-file by John Howard Griffin

Scattered Shadows PDF ebook download This memoir is a compilation of journal entries and other writings by Griffin, written during the time he went blind and then regained his sight. The entries are woven together well, so it reads like a unified piece. I love Griffin's insights and images. It is refreshing to read his "ponderings." In this age of instant tweets, rambling blogs and hastened rants and blips, it isencouraging to read some deep thought and spiritual insight herein.
His descriptions of his blindness, his subsequent illnesses, paralysis, financial woes, legal problems and such are inspiring to me, seeing his resilience and deep faith in the One who sustains us through all.

I wish I had read this book prior to reading Black like Me, just for chronology sake.. but I recommend this book to readers who want to think deeply....

Wish I had time to include some of my favorite quotes from the book, but it's a library book so I have to return it!

eBook Scattered Shadows

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