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Analyze West PDF ebook download "The scope and ambition of Analyze West is breathtaking."

Imagine Western Civilization embodied in a character called West. On the brink of suicide, West presents himself to maverick psychiatrist Dr James Hill. West has lost his self-confidence and direction. He’s torn apart by inner conflict, self-loathing and fear of the future. Is he on the cusp of a new age of enlightened global consciousness or on the brink of collapse into world of religious extremism, global warming, terrorism, interracial conflict and domination by China?

A truly unique book. Non-fiction cleverly disguised as fiction.

James leads West through a process of analysis, therapy and transformation, covering the major challenges facing Western Civilization including immigration, sex, the economy, family, energy, sustainability, security, meaning, power, fairness, demographics, authority, healthcare and democracy.

“Inspiring! I feel much more optimistic about the future having read Analyze West.”

James introduces West to the eight major value systems. He invites each of them to speak their mind in a process of integration. West undergoes therapy for his guilt, shame and loss on the subjects of race, identity, immigration, patriotism and security. James challenges him to overcome victim mentality and to unlock his full potential.

"Dr Beecroft offers genuine insight and resolutions for a brighter future.”

Dr Nicholas Beecroft is a Consultant Psychiatrist who has spent 25 years exploring the worlds of Medicine, Psychiatry, Business, Leadership, International Relations, Politics, Spirituality and the Military. He has consulted on the psychology of international relations, cultural diplomacy, national identity, organic leadership and counterterrorism. He interviewed 30 visionary leaders for the Future of Western Civilization Series.

You need to read Analyze West if you want:

-To be optimistic about the future
-A strategy to survive and thrive in this complex world
-To rise to the challenges facing our civilization
-Integrate the best of all perspectives
-To feel like you’re part of the greatest evolutionary leap in history

"Western Civilization on the Psychiatrist's Couch"

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