Claire Can't Lose (Making Out, #12)

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Claire Can't Lose (Making Out, #12) PDF ebook download This one’s kind of a bummer. The bummiest thing is Nina being super down on herself. With Benjamin possibly being able to see soon she’s scrutinising herself and thinks she’s fat and gross. Now, we all know that Nina is just the flatter-chested, unkempt version of celebrated beauty Claire. Nina does not realise this. Zoey tells her she’s a looker, but then negates that encouragement by giving Nina a make-over. OH ZOEY you make it really hard to like you, sometimes. Not Claire-hard but still quite hard. Anyway Nina needn’t have worried because Benjamin’s operation doesn’t work (bummer #2), wap wap waaaaaaap. On the upside Zoey finally ends the thing with Aaron after remembering something Nina said about him being a sleazeball, she and Lucas get back together after a lot of angstiness.

We’ve also got Aisha sensibly telling Christopher she’s not ready to be a teen bride. He flees the island in a fit of pique. So long, douche bag. Claire and Aaron get together. Claire becomes very sappy. There’s a New Year’s Eve party where Claire’s dad and Aaron’s mom get engaged. Awkward. Lara gets thrown out of the Passmore house for being a drunk.

Fave Moments:
-Claire and Zoey bonding at Passmore’s restaurant when Claire subs for Lara’s drunk ass.
-Zoey ends things with puffy-lipped slime Aaron by threatening to have Lucas, Jake and Christopher beat him up. He’s the worst but he makes me think of this sketch:

So I smile, but then I remember he’s this guy:

-Christopher, Jake and Lucas hang out a whole bunch in this instalment, which is cool because these books are in real danger of not passing the reverse-Bechdel test. Ha, j/k, I don’t care. Especially about Christopher.
-““Nah, I’ve pretty much got everything under control.” [Claire] smiled as if she had just made a private joke with herself.
Zoey rolled her eyes at Aisha.”

-Throughout the book Claire refers back a lot to a letter she’d found and read in Aaron’s room. This was back in book 10, it was a letter from Kate, who shows up later in the series. HOWEVER, whenever Claire thinks of the letter, it says the letter was from Julia. DUH, HER NAME IS KATE AND SHE WEARS SMELLY LOTION TO SEDUCE BENJAMIN LATER IN THE SERIES.
-So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but at the beginning of the series Jake had a little sister named Holly. Now he doesn’t. Think about it.

eBook Claire Can't Lose (Making Out, #12)

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