The Vampire's Betrayal (Savannah Vampire, #4)

PDF-file by Raven Hart

The Vampire's Betrayal (Savannah Vampire, #4) PDF ebook download Jack risks his life by opening a portal to the underworld to rescue Connie. While in the land of the dead, he witnesses an awesome ceremony as a band of honest-to-God angels swear Connie in as the vampire slayer! Using the power of his love, Jack manages to bring Connie back to the land of the living even though she threatens the existence of him and his kind.

Connie has no memory of being anointed the vampire slayer, and her activation won't be complete until a mysterious sword materializes. William orders Jack to kill her for her own good before she discovers her deadly mission. After all, if she dies before she is activated, she will spend eternity in paradise with her baby son. But if she lives to become the slayer, she will be immortal, doomed to the existence of a half-vampire, half-human killer. But how can an anguished Jack kill the woman he loves?

Meanwhile, the bloodthirsty Old Lords work to harness elemental powers to raise the evil dead! Their wicked plan would free every twice-killed vampire from hell and turn them loose on the citizens of Savannah. William, weakened by a power he doesn't understand, must do battle with the Vampire Council before they can unleash their bloodthirsty minions. Will he be able to survive the double onslaught of the Old Lords and the vampire slayer?

eBook The Vampire's Betrayal (Savannah Vampire, #4)

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