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100 Ranger Greats PDF ebook download In 1926, hockey fans welcomed the New York Rangers to the NHL. Since then, more than 900 players have worn the colors of the Rangers and won the devotion of fans in New York and beyond. "100 Ranger Greats" is about the best of the best of these players—the legends of yesteryear and the heroes of today, the men whose accomplishments on the ice have thrilled fans for over eight decades.But who are the best? Of the 900-plus players, who are the ones that stand out in the team's storied history? Many are easily recognizable by even the most casual of hockey fans—Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier and Jaromir Jagr are just a few of these superstars - but no team is made up of its stars alone. There are always the players who aren't as well known in the public eye but who bring skills and character that make the whole team buzz and help to win championships. They might have played in the earliest days of media coverage—no websites, blogs or internet radio to raise their profiles to household names. Players like Andy Aitkenhead, Arnie Brown or Lorne Chabot to name just three.

Through research and personal interviews, and with the addition of over 200 color and black and white photos, "100 Ranger Greats" presents personal profiles that combine statistics with personal and often humorous stories so that the reader gets a real understanding of that man's life as a player in the National Hockey League and with the New York Rangers.

A richly illustrated history and a fascinating and entertaining look at a cast of colorful characters, "100 Ranger Greats" is for the young fan who wants to learn about the New York Rangers history and the veteran looking for stories about the players they grew up with. For every Rangers fan who wants to know their team and its history better, this is "the" book.

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