The Encyclopedia of Unbelief, 2 Vols

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The Encyclopedia of Unbelief, 2 Vols PDF ebook download This is a reference work unlike any that exists today. It provides a complete detailed survey of the varieties of agnosticism, atheism, free-thought, humanism, scepticism & unbelief, as they have appeared historically & on the contemporary scene. Editor Stein has collected comprehensive biographies of the many prominent persons associated with free-thought including Charles Bradlaugh & Annie Besant in England, Voltaire & Diderot in France, Lenin in the USSR, Th Paine, Clarence Darrow & Robert Ingersoll here in the USA. The Encyclopedia brings together 203 articles from all the influential philosophers & psychologists whose thoughts & writings contributed to the growth of religious scepticism & unbelief including: Giordano Bruno; Spinoza; Locke; Hume; Kant; Comte; Spencer; Haeckel; Feuerbach; Dewey; Santayana; Freud; Reich; Russell; Sartre; Ayer; Hook etc. Stein also contributes a history of organised free-thought, fully discussing political movements & theories that have had a direct bearing on unbelief. He's added perceptive essays on unbelief within the world's important religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism & Taoism. This reference work is crossreferenced & indexed & contains five comprehensive appendices for Meetings, Organisations, Publishers, Periodicals & a Bibliography of Unbelief. The many contributors include: Isaac Asimov; Hazel Barnes; Germaine Bree; Paul Edwards; Antony Flew; Paul Kurtz; Richard Martin; Martin Marty; Kai Neilsen; James Randi etc.

eBook The Encyclopedia of Unbelief, 2 Vols

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