Abc Warriors

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Abc Warriors PDF ebook download While taking Mek-quake to a robot asylum for decommissioning, Hammerstein gets mistaken by the caretaker for someone who needs psychoanalyzing coz of some obscure rant a robot called Zippo inscribed on his hammer during the first Volgan war. This is the frame story that sets us like ripping a bandage and we go down memory lane, to the Volgan war. The Volgan wars were like the gulf wars, Volgograd is what stands in the way of Khaos' invasion of the Caspian oilfields in the guise of bringing democracy to Caspian, and those Volgans with their vicious & rudimentary bots and chilling Siberian weather give the ABC warriors a massacre. This book sees a recounting of the war from Hammerstein, Mongrol and Pineapples' P.O.V. All stories feature Zippo & the dreaded, charismatic, Hitleresque leader of the Volgan's called Volkhan. Wow, does he make a worthy nemesis.

eBook Abc Warriors

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