Chariot (Millennium Quartet, #3)

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Chariot (Millennium Quartet, #3) PDF ebook download As we move towards the end of the millennium, the public grows more unnerved and more interested in storytelling with a tinge of the paranoid and the paranormal. The four novels of the Millennium Quartet reveal the cataclysms that await mankind at the turn of the century and vividly tell of the effects of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as they sweep across the world, leaving devastation in their wake.In Chariot, the Horseman assailing mankind is Plague. A mutated version of smallpox sweeps the famine-ridden world, and people drop in their tracks. Only one place seems safe — Las Vegas, Nevada. But Las Vegas is the current home of the Horseman, who is searching one of the few men able to stand against evil. Travis has an extraordinary ability. If he lays his hands on a slot machine, the machine will pay off — just enough to cover his basic needs.

Travis has no idea he is the object of the Horseman's search, or that two others are also looking for him, eager to unite him with the heroes of Symphony and In the Mood as the end of the Millennium, and the end of the world, grows ever closer.

eBook Chariot (Millennium Quartet, #3)

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