Build Your Own Adirondack Chair With Footstool Pattern

PDF-file by Peter Harrington

Build Your Own Adirondack Chair With Footstool Pattern PDF ebook download This is a complete set of plans for my favorite Classic Adirondack Chair and Foot Stool.
The Chair includes:
1) Attractive and decorative Design.
2) Good stability. . . and above all - comfort!
3) Arms that are at "reading height" for holding a book (25-3/4”).
4) Step by Step and easy directions with diagrams for every step.
5) Full Size Patterns and Complete Materials List for those Important Cuts.
6) Level arms reinforced to withstand the weight of a child "perching" on them.
7) Designed by an Experienced Expert Wood Worker with over 20 years of experience!
8) Continued Technical Support from Me “WoodPatternExpert”; 20 Years of Experience!
9) Arms that extend forward to assist in rising from the chair; that permit placing a beverage without bending the wrist.
10) The ability to STACK two or even three chairs, to save floor space when storing them for the winter (Overall Chair Height is 40”).
11) Contoured seat and curved back that is "just right" for use either with or without a cushion (Seat Width is 25-3/4”).
12) A deep well at the base of the back to eliminate the "lump" from the bend of a cushion and to prevent its movement (Seat Depth is 18”).
My instructions with full size patterns are designed as a construction project for the beginning woodworker. Extensive attention is given to speed and ease of construction, with a minimum of tools. While a great Chair can be built with just a circular saw, jig saw, and drill, optional directions are added for routing many edges with a 3/8" rounding over bit for a more refined look. Directions are aimed at the beginning woodworker, but should not bore even an experienced carpenter.
WARNING: People Love This Chair. Just about everyone who sits in it will want you to build one or more, for them. (That's the reason I decided to write these plans.)
The plan features:
• 46 pages containing very detailed, step by step instructions.
• Each step includes photographs to assist in the construction process.
• 15 full size patterns that makes construction so easy a “caveman could do it”!
• Built entirely from 3/4 inch lumber (standard 1X) or any thickness you prefer.
• Complete cutting patterns allow you to trace and cut out ALL parts (also now with Measurement and Dimensions).
• Can be built with just a skill saw, jig saw, and drill. A router and table saw are helpful.
• This project plan is designed for the beginning woodworker, but should not bore even the most experienced carpenter.

eBook Build Your Own Adirondack Chair With Footstool Pattern

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