Walking On Air

PDF-file by A.D Williams

Walking On Air PDF ebook download Walking On Air: Success Tips for the Young, Fly and Foolish gives young dreamers of today, hope for tomorrow.

We live in a world where people often settle for unfulfilled lives due to many reasons including, but not limited to prejudices of the world, fear of failure, and complacency. This book promotes the idea of leaving one’s comfort zone, walking out on faith and believing in achieving the impossible.

It entails 9 helpful tips and habits that influential and successful people are highly familiar with. These tips were derived to uplift and inspire individuals, to ensure that all embark on a purpose filled journey and utilize their God given talents to reach their full potential.

Caution: After reading this book, be prepared to experience a sense of urgency to act on your dreams like never before.

eBook Walking On Air

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