The Time Bender Trilogy Part 1 (Futurama Comics #17)

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The Time Bender Trilogy Part 1 (Futurama Comics #17) PDF ebook download ​Eeh heh heh heh heh!This was such a good issue!The Omercronians try to take over Earth—again!Upon reflection, it's kinda sexist that the wife falls for the costumes, but not the husband.Though, she didn't really fall for them, she was just uncertain because it seemed like HE was falling for it.Which is even more sexist ... so, yeah.That joke, maybe not so good.

I kinda liked that it had nothing to do with the swinging around the sun from the previous issue.This time it was aaaaaall the Professor's fault.Though, how he achieved some of the things he did has me stumped.I also thought Cubert's pond analogy was lacking.In a pond, you can't stop the ripples from reaching the edge.So if you can in "real life," then your comparison falls short.

It's hilarious that I loved this issue so much (for being part of a larger ark) but all I have done is criticized it so far.Typical.What did I like about the issue?I liked that it got us one step closer to figuring this thing out.There are two issues left, so I expect few more curve-balls before this whole shin-dig is dug.Leela, Fry, and Bender have been sucked back into the past with the rest of the sentient world ... I expect the next issue to have at least ONE Flintstones reference!

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eBook The Time Bender Trilogy Part 1 (Futurama Comics #17)

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