Echoes of Time (The Mirror Warriors, #1)

PDF-file by Tempest C. Avery

Echoes of Time (The Mirror Warriors, #1) PDF ebook download Kiley Bryn wants what every girl wants. True love and a happily ever after. Too bad for her, that'll never happen. She's met "the one", it didn't last, and unlike with mortals, Werewolves mate for life. No exceptions. That is until she meets the very human Bryson Cormac. But when her ex decides he wants her back, can she manage to keep Bryce alive long enough to figure out her own heart?

With a newly turned werewolf as her partner, an overly possessive pack leader, and an ex that wants to destroy everything she's ever cared for, life just seems to be tumbling deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. The past won't take no for an answer, and neither will the present. All she's got to do is decide which one she wants for her future, and that's only made harder by the most important fact of all: both guys are playing for keeps.

eBook Echoes of Time (The Mirror Warriors, #1)

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