Finding Christina (Wild Rose #2)

PDF-file by Scarlett Jade

Finding Christina (Wild Rose #2) PDF ebook download Christina didn't stop the crash of reality from coming down on her best friend Grace after she fell in love with the sexy professor Drake Stone. She hated herself as she continued to lie to her, but lying was the only thing she'd ever known. It had always been easier to tell a colorful lie than admit to a dark truth.
Protecting Grace from the truth until the last minute was the goal, when she'd need her best friend's forgiveness and help more than ever. All she could hope for when the dust settled from the bombshell of the biggest lie she'd ever told was that what was broken could be repaired. Christina had a plan all along from the minute she found her time was running out—the littlest wild rose would have a family. At all costs.

eBook Finding Christina (Wild Rose #2)

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