Secrets of Wolverton Manor (Wolverton Manor, #2)

PDF-file by Carina Wilder

Secrets of Wolverton Manor (Wolverton Manor, #2) PDF ebook download In the continuing tale of lust, bloodsuckers and shapeshifting aristocrats, Lord James finds himself face to face with a woman who intrigues and arouses him as no woman ever has, and Edmund is given the opportunity to reconnect with a man he thought he may never see again, who has occupied his thoughts since their first meeting.

Passions are enflamed for each couple as things heat up, and a new wolf enters the scene...

Due to adult content, this 12,000+ word novella is intended for mature audiences.
*Please note: this is not your typical
girl-meets-werewolf-and-vampire-but-can't-choose-between-them paranormal
romance. Think Downton Abbey meets Grimm, rather.*

eBook Secrets of Wolverton Manor (Wolverton Manor, #2)

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