Command & Conquer

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Command & Conquer PDF ebook download The stakes have been raised. In Counterstrike, you can no longer breeze through each mission on auto-pilot. You?ll need foresight, planning, and even a bit of luck. This book is a valuable companion to the fiendishly different new scenarios!

Inside you?ll find:
• Detailed maps and walkthroughs of every single-player mission
• Tactics for single- and multiplayer games
• Precise statistics for the new units you?ll encounter
• Walkthrough of the secret Giant Ant campaign!

Delve deeper into the alternate WW II timeline of Counterstrike. Command & Conquer: Red Alert—Counterstrike Unauthorized Secrets and Solutions guides you through these new and challenging missions tracing a clear path to victory!

About the Author

Joe Grant Bell is the author of numerous electronic entertainment titles including Command & Conquer: Red Alert Secrets & Solutions Unauthorized, MechWarrior 2: The Official Strategy Guide, and Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Official Strategy Guide, all for Prima.

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