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White Hot PDF ebook download For more than two decades, Tricia Guild's bold use of bright colors has spurred groundbreaking change in the design world. White Hot finds Tricia in a more contemplative mood as she shifts away from intense, saturated colors toward a calmer and cooler palette, bringing her talent as a colorist to a whole new realm of whites and neutrals. Tricia's cutting-edge approach to color and space centers on creating peaceful and harmonious enclaves at home that act as quiet counterpoints to the hectic noise of life—ideal living spaces for the new century.

Each chapter explores the limitless possibilities of a single color group in a variety of design settings, whether Tricia is adding new accents to update one corner of a room or entirely revamping the look of a space. Through Tricia's eyes, whites and neutrals take center stage, subtly enhanced and energized with infusions of intense color strategically placed. White Hot's luscious photography further illustrates how light, patterns, shape, and, above all, texture play their parts in creating intriguing variations in tones and hues.

These enormously inviting spaces reveal a master colorist working at the height of her powers. Tricia ponders the caressing quality of blue just before it turns to mauve, and the chameleon character of sea green as it hesitates between green and blue. And more than ever before, she reveals the mechanics behind her innovative color combinations, from the spontaneous juxtaposition of green and lilac spotted on a house in India to the shimmering blues and yellows of Italy bathed in rich Mediterranean sunlight. By including color breakdowns at the end of each chapter, she also highlights how nature's lessons can be translated into concrete design principles. An integrated visual and practical experience, White Hot ultimately delivers a deliciously creative adventure in contemporary home design.

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