The Improper Bohemians

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The Improper Bohemians PDF ebook download The period from 1912 to 1930 marked the golden era of Greenwich Village, the years when this picturesque New York neighborhood earned its lasting reputation as the Left Bank of the United States. Celebrated for it's wild paries, arty tearooms, restaurants, and dance halls where the gay iconoclastic, often promiscuous, young kicked up their heels, the Village also was the fountainhead of some of the most significant artistic and literary achievements of the time. Here, in a book crammed with lively detail and dramatic anecdote, Allen Churchill has vividly restored Greenwich Village in its gayest and most creative years.

With Mabel Dodge's arrival at 23 Fifth Avenue in 1912 the great days of Greenwich Village truly began. Here she and her circle met regularly to air the most advanced ides of the day, among them political radicalism, psychoanalysis and free love. Many of thsi group were also involved in The Liberal Club and The Masses ("the magazine that didn't give a damn and got caught"), among whose unpaid contributors were Max Eastman (editor), John Reed, Art Young, John Sloan, Louis Untermeyer, and Floyd Dell. Struggling for artistic survivalat the same time were George CramCook's Provincetown Players, who presented Eugene O'Neill's early one-acters, and The Little Review which, though forgotten by many today, first published a part of Joyce's Ulysses - and was sued by the Society for the Supression of Vice for doing so.

Allen Churchill has blended fascinating accounts of these joint creative efforts with the colorful stories of manyof the individuals involved in them. There are stories, too, of such equally colorful - though less creative - Village denizens as Aimee, famous for her nude dances with a stuffed gorilla, Maxwell Bodenheim and his highly publicized love affairs and the elfin girl who once gave a party on top of Washington Square Arch - with balloons.

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