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Modern Library PDF ebook download To say that I'm finished with this book isn't quite accurate.This is a book about books that I will return to time and again.Grab a copy of it and swim around in it.If you're like me, you will be humbled by it.The old saying, "So many books, so little time," is given new meaning by the authors Carmen Callil and Colm Toibin.I found so many books here I was not familiar with, I was almost ashamed, having considered myself a well read man.

You will find familiar titles here.Some might well surprise you.A few you would not expect to find on a selection of the two hundred best novels in English published since 1950.Callil and Toibin seem almost gleeful to include Carl Hiassen and a few other well known "popular" authors in this selection.The point that a book doesn't have to be serious to be great is well made.

The number two hundred isn't quite accurate.Callil and Toibin chose 194 of the titles.The remaining six were selected from a readers' poll.I would have liked to participate in that.But so it goes.I was pleased to find Sebastian Faulk's "Birdsong," among those six titles, one of my favorite novels set during the First World War.

This is one of those books you might have on your bedside table,to steer you towards your next read.A warning—many of these titles are not available if you want to put them on your favorite e-reader.You might have to visit your library or have a copy of your own.It's also unlikely that you will find any number of these titles at your local B&N.You'd better head to the nearest good Indie bookseller to find some of these jewels.Nor would I be surprised if I had to find a few on ABE.

When it comes to books there will always be treasures out there waiting to be discovered.This book is prospector's guide for the lover of literature who thinks they've read it all.Nope, none of us are even close.

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