The Boy in the Alamo

PDF-file by Margaret Cousins

The Boy in the Alamo PDF ebook download Ever since Sarah Ellen Payne married another man, Billy’s brother Buck has been plumb ornery. He figures the only way to distract himself is to go adventuring, maybe do a little fighting. So, when Colonel Crocket turns up at Uncle Todd’s smithy with a contingent of volunteers, Buck doesn’t stop for a thought. He signs himself up and is bound for Bexar.

Well, Billy ain’t gonna be left behind even though Buck got mad as hops when he asked to come. So, after Colonel Crockett and Buck leave, Billy sneaks out too. He has a tough time getting down to Bexar – stage coach rides are only free when you’re smart, and Billy isn’t always that smart – but he manages to straggle into Colonel Crockett’s camp before they arrive at the fort. The men accept him – seem to think he’s a sort of team mascot – and even give him a mount. Whoopee!

It isn’t until they ride into the provisional fort – the Alamo, it’s called -that Billy realizes that fighting there won’t be just a lark. The Alamo is under-stocked both in men and food. But surely General Houston will send them reinforcements! He won’t leave them there alone to be slaughtered… will he?

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