Tempted by a Wolf

PDF-file by Karen Whiddon

Tempted by a Wolf PDF ebook download Wild Wolf by Karen Whiddon
Turning her back on humans because of her ability to shape-shift into a wolf, young and beautiful Raven doesn't believe she needs anyone. Until the day a darkly handsome man appears near her remote cave - and she watches him turn into a wolf.

Simon Caldwell has been sent to assess the threat of a new feral wolf prowling the Rockies. But he's wholly unprepared for his intense attraction to Raven. His investigation is about to take a deadly turn as he and Raven become the hunted.

Immortal Wolf by Bonnie Vanak
Exiled to a life of extreme loneliness because everyone she touches dies, Emily Burke has every reason to distrust Raphael Robichaux. The immortal werewolf possesses immense power and he has been summoned by her pack to end her life. And yet, from the moment she lays eyes on the powerful rebel, he awakens all the longings she's kept bottled inside.

When Raphael meets Emily, he knows something enormous is at stake. For not only does he see that her blood can restore life - but she is his destined mate.

eBook Tempted by a Wolf

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