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Town & Country PDF ebook download The authors, Alice and Martin Provensen, are renowned for their beautiful illustrations and story telling. Town and Country weaves simplistic writing in with very richly detailed illustrations. The illustrations are high quality, deserving of a space on any person’s wall.The illustrator uses layers of detail to really capture the richness of both the city and country; making both places stand out, in its own unique way.The author does a great job adding to the illustration by using descriptive words to give the reader a better idea of what the two places are like, and how life might feel in either places.
As a literacy teacher, I might use this text to teach my students about using descriptive words to describe their environment.The author in this text uses words that are supported by the illustrations (ex. “Traffic signals change from red to green. Late buses stop or go. Doormen whistle. A taxi horn honks).This type of style will help students make a stronger connection in their reading by using the illustrations as a visual support. The images in the text teach children about diversity within community cultures, but not so much on race or ethnicities. Overall, I would say that this is a great book to incorporate into your lesson when teaching about differences in communities.

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