A Year In Provence

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A Year In Provence PDF ebook download Hmmm...okay.I learned that:

1.With enough money you can relocate to Provence and buy a 200 year old farmhouse with mossy swimming pool, problematic pipes, and a wine cave backing up to the Luberon mountains.Wait, it gets worse!

2.Once you do this everyone who has ever vaguely heard your name and Provence together in the same sentence will attempt to visit whilst you are having a hell of a time fixing the charming antiquated house and bicycling into town.Hard times.

3.Tragedy strikes!Everything in Provence moves at a slower pace- including uninvited house guest departures and the guys you hired to remodel your soon to be awesome Provencal place.You are to be pitied, poor thing, having been forced to survive on mostly fresh breads, herbed cheeses, and the occasional sausage.

4.It can be rough rumbling around in an old car looking for great places to eat.It is a daunting task you face after finding them, having to stuff your face with delicacies drizzled with truffle sauce.

5.The somewhat backwards, rough, but ultimately charming locals are worth talking to- you never know if they'll tell you about how to choose a pig for hunting truffles or inform you that they've booby trapped the area from foreign campers. How quaint, the poor dears!

6.Truly, life in Provence can prove to be much tougher than it seems.But give it a year or so before you decide to go home- at the very least, wait until you have managed to have your grapes harvested by the guy that works your vines-you've got to have your own wine to drink with your breads and cheeses to give you the strength to go on.

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