Watch the Face of the Sky

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Watch the Face of the Sky PDF ebook download 1173 A.D. Over three hundred years before Columbus, a Welsh adventurer sails a crew of men across the Atlantic to the shores of America. He is a Druid man named Madoc, and his history is now known only to a few. Having vowed to keep themselves from mingling with the Native American people, the Welsh men in his company quickly realize that their only hope of a future on these new shores is if a handful of them return to Wales, braving both the dangers of the sea and the deathly persecution against the Druid people in their Welsh homeland. This is the story of that voyage and the journey back again - six ships laden with women dreaming of a better world. When a stormy sea diverts them to a stranger shore, they come face to face with the ancient Mayans of Chichen Itza. Threatened with death on every side, it will take more than a little cunning to find their course again. With the same medieval simplicity of her subject, Anna Lee Waldo crafts a riveting portrayal of the man behind the legend, and one woman in particular who is just brave enough to follow him wherever their ships may lead.

eBook Watch the Face of the Sky

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