Everquest Realms of Norrath Forests of Faydark

PDF-file by Stewart Wieck

Everquest Realms of Norrath Forests of Faydark PDF ebook download The enormous forest of Faydark dominates the entire northern landscape of the continent of Faydwer. This expanse is home to many of Norrath's elvish races. The Feir'Dal, or wood elves, live primarily in their treetop city of Kelethin, while the Koada'Dal, their high elf cousins, live in the marble-walled city of Felwithe on the edge of Faydark. This sourcebook is the first to present information about the continent of Faydwer, home to four player character races. The elves that dwell within the forest get special attention—as do the countless forces poised against them, such as the orc empire of Crushbone and the vampiric sorcerer Mayong Mistmoore.

eBook Everquest Realms of Norrath Forests of Faydark

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