Tincture Journal, Issue Eight, Summer 2014

PDF-file by Daniel Young

Tincture Journal, Issue Eight, Summer 2014 PDF ebook download Standard Tincture disclaimer: I have a personal connection to the editor and publisher of this journal. I don’t “get” free verse, so I don’t review it. I only comment on the pieces that I find remarkable in their execution or personally appealing.


This time: 12 short stories, 11 free-verse poems, five non-fiction pieces (one interview, one piece of criticism, and three pieces of creative non-fiction), and a short two-act play. I didn’t read the criticism (“Bringing Experimental Text to the Mainstream: Kirsten Krauth’s just_a_girl” by Julie Proudfoot) because I’d like to read the book to which it responds and do so without knowing somebody else’s thoughts on it first.

I really enjoyed five stories this time, three of which have something in common that it would be a spoiler to reveal, so: (view spoiler)