Silver Toe Shoes Mari-chan #1-6

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Silver Toe Shoes Mari-chan #1-6 PDF ebook download 上原きみこ, Uehara Kimiko,
Born Murakami Kimiko is a prominent Japanese shōjo and josei manga artist. She is best known for shōjo series such as Maiko no Uta ("Maiko's Poem"), Lovely Mari-chan, Marybell, Honoo no Romance, Lolly no Seishun, and Yumedokei ("Sweet Memory"). She received the 1990 Shogakukan Manga Award for children's manga for Lovely Mari-chan. Uehara is cited by Naoko Takeuchi, author of Sailor Moon, as an influence, especially her dialog in Lolly no Seishun and Honoo no Romance.

Her current manga is Inochi no Utsuwa, published by Akita Shoten since 1991 in the josei magazine For Mrs. and collected in 43 tankōbon volumes as of January 2008.

eBook Silver Toe Shoes Mari-chan #1-6

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