Everything Theory

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Everything Theory PDF ebook download Having had only six weeks to adjust to his new position with the enigmatic government organization known as CSAR, Gabriel Warren is assigned to a secretive case in a small town in Nevada.

Small desert towns are being wiped out entirely, their residents being brutally slaughtered by unseen killers.

A phantom charter bus is linked to the grisly murders but has never been stopped. According to those that have seen it, the bus disappears at will just like a ghost.

A bloodthirsty cult is beheading people in the desert.

Dozens of people wander into the desert, summoned by a power that has been calling humans into its clutches for centuries.

All of these events are leading up to one potentially catastrophic event. As Gabriel digs deeper into the case, he discovers that it is all connected to one of his father’s failed experiments. Not only that, but the labyrinthine structure of CSAR is getting much more complex as Gabriel discovers that there may be a secret in his past that has him tied to the center of it all.

Blood Routes is the second book in the Everything Theory series.

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